Sebastopol Geese
The Sebastopol Goose is by far
one of the sweetest most
personable goose I have ever
owned.  They are absolutely
beautiful, graceful and love to
be around people.  

I free range my flock, but of
course keep them in the coop at
night for protection.  This is a
medium size goose that are very
easy keepers.  The Sebastopol
goose does not require a pond,
they very satisfied with a kiddie
pool to swim and bathe in a
couple of times a week.   

Our flock is very good at letting
us know when we have visitors.
They begin to jabber and greet
most people who come to visit.    
These geese are sometimes
referred to as the curly goose.  

The Sebastopol goose does not
fly, and they do require a little
more shelter in the cold months.  
Like all other geese, they lay in
the spring and have been known
to hatch their own eggs.   

Typically, goslings that hatch out  
solid yellow are ganders or
males.  The gosling that are
hatch with some darker areas of
down are females.   

We expect to have goslings this
spring for sale at $50.00 each.  
Send us a request if you are
interested and we will add you to
our list.  

I have also added a trio of
beautiful grey Saddlebacks to my
flock.  Goslings/eggs available in
spring 2014.  Contact me.