The Pheasants we raise
Brown Eared Pair that will sit on your
lap and eat out of your hand.  
Incredibly personable birds to own.

They are known for their bark when
they see you coming.  They are very
hardy, easy to care for birds.     
Exotic Pheasant Collection

This male Tragopan helped
produce 4 healthy chicks this
spring.  We purchased him from a
well known breeder in Indianola, Ia
We brought this pair home in
January and they began laying
eggs in April.  

They hatched their clutch on their
own giving us 3 hens and 1
rooster.  Hardy, striking to watch,
calm and easy to own.  We have
increased our Trag program with a
total of 3 unrelated excellent
quality pairs.    Check out our 'For
Sale' page for details.
Scott has spent endless hours building safe roomy pheasant
pens.  Each pen is buried in concrete to keep all predators
from digging in and harming the birds.  Every pen contains
either a raised nest box or ground nest box to accommodate
the different breeds natural habitat.  

All our pens are covered in chicken wire to keep all other
birds from getting in.  This not only helps save on food, it also
keeps the birds healthier from getting mites and lice from the
sparrows or any other birds that may try and get in.

Our birds are calm and comfortable which is a great benefit to
their laying cycle as well as incubating their own eggs.  

Our birds are fed a nutritional diet of game bird pellets,
sunflower seeds, safflower, calf manna and whole and
cracked corn.  They also have grit and oyster shell readily
available at all times.  

In addition to their daily feed, they also get greens, grapes,
berries, corn on the cob, pumpkin, tomatoes, and any other
fruits or vegetables we may have either on hand or grown in
our Bird garden.   It is no wonder they all start jabbering
non-stop when they see us walk out to the aviaries.

We genuinely enjoy our many breeds of pheasants!!

Proud Members in good standing of Heart of America Game
Breeders' Association

Proud Members in good standing of America Pheasant and
Waterfowl Society

The pheasant to the left with a black
mask, deep orange body is a Saytr
Tragopan.  As with all the trags, they
are incredibly hardy, sweet and very

This pair was purchased from an
exceptional breeder in Washington

We are currently working with two
unrelated lines.  We expect live
chicks from these pens again this
This pair is another member of the
Golden pheasants.  They are Yellow
Golden or